"Having suffered with back pain for years a friend recommended I try Pilates. I did and it has certainly kept my back in check and I have not needed treatment from any other professional for at least eighteen months. With Gee's excellent tuition, guidance and gentle "prodding" when one is not in the right position then I hope the weekly class and a few of the exercises at home will keep me on the right track".

Eunice T

"I have worked with a number of Pilates teachers over the past 15 years or so and can honestly say that Jeanette tops them all! Her classes offer great variety with different routines every week using a range of equipment - the spiky balls are particularly popular! Jeanette is attentive to each person’s needs and mindful of individual issues and limitations (in my case a lower back problem) offering alternative postures as appropriate. Her teaching skills are exemplary and she creates a lively, friendly and fun environment conducive to learning. What more could we want?".


"Pilates has increased my awareness of posture. I am far more conscious of how I sit stand and walk which in turn has encouraged me to lose some weight. I move more freely, have had no back issues, which I did on occasions, and am fairly certain that reduced flexibility from an old knee injury is improving. This is not a class where you watch the tutor exercising and try to follow best you can. Jeanette is extremely aware of individual needs and restrictions and constantly moving around the class to ensure everyone receives personally tailored input and attention to help achieve the best you can. Great atmosphere and good fun too. Well worth the effort!".


"I have been attending Gee’s class for a couple of years now and I still love it. No two weeks are the same so no chance to get bored! Gee is a great attentive teacher with plenty of patience, who never makes you feel silly when getting a move wrong. My posture has definitely improved, my joints don’t give me so much trouble anymore and I feel more toned. Even after a hard session I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed – I could do with seeing Gee every day!".


"After having suffered lower back pain for years, I cannot believe how amazing Pilates has been. It's magic. I can now live my life without resorting to painkillers all the time.

Thank you Jeanette.".


"The planning and thought that goes into Gee’s lessons always impress me. She clearly takes the needs of the individual into account, as well as that of the class as a whole.".


"I love my Pilates sessions to relieve tension in my shoulders and general well being. When I was riding my regular Pilates stopped my muscles aching after a strenuous riding lesson.".


"I'm a bit of a gym enthusiast because although I'm no longer in the first flush of youth I want to keep myself fit. When I started Jeanette's Pilates classes I realized a whole new dimension to fitness, which I could never, achieve simply pumping iron. I love it. With Pilates I find I can improve both my strength and suppleness without the need to huff and puff.".