Mixed Ability Mat Work Classes

Mat classes focus on exercise that improves your core strength, flexibility and mobility along with balance and coordination. Classes are kept small with a maximum class size of between 10/12 people allowing for individual attention and helping to improve your technique.

Each week we have a theme and use small equipment to provide resistance and to aid myofascial release.

Every class is interesting and enjoyable.

  • Monday 9.30am – Gee Pilates Studio, Hadleigh
  • Monday 6.15pm – Gee Pilates Studio, Hadleigh
  • Tuesday 9.30am – Polstead Village Hall
  • Wednesday 9.15am – Gee Pilates Studio, Hadleigh
  • Wednesday 6pm – Nedging Village Hall
  • Thursday 8.15am – Men’s Class Hadleigh Old School
  • Thursday 9.30am Mat Class – Gee Pilates Studio Hadleigh

Reformer Classes

We have three studio reformers, two have towers attached. The reformer gives you a full body working increasing strength and flexibility. The reformer requires you to work with springs and resistance while focusing on alignment to help improve posture, gain strength and stability and improve balance. An all round low impact work out.

  • Tuesday 4.15pm – Gee Pilates Studio Hadleigh
  • Tuesday 5.30pm – Gee Pilates Studio Hadleigh
  • Wednesday 4pm – Gee Pilates Studio Hadleigh

1:1 Private studio Sessions using the Pilates reformer, chair and tower

One to one sessions focus on your personal need. You may be under the care of a Physiotherapist or other health care professional and need to carry on with your therapeutic exercises. You may be a beginner and want to join a mat or reformer class, or maybe you just want the time and attention to get you body the best it can be.

  • These sessions can also be booked for couples or groups of up to three people.
  • Sessions run at various times on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Other days on request.